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If truly responsive web design is what you seek, then
web design with results in mind™ is what you need.


You can safely ignore most of what you read or hear about responsive web design a.k.a. #RWD.

Similar to the manner in which social network marketeers in general abused the term “Web 2.0” – and Facebook in particular perverted the meaning of “friend” – many MobileApp pretenders and WebDev wannabes are now attempting to redefine the phrase “responsive web design” as part of a clueless if not unconscionable but either way concerted effort to sell so-called “fluid” Mobile Web layout where it is no longer or never was needed.

Compare and contrast that with what web design with results in mind – or #WDR – delivers:

Mobile-friendly W3C validated and I18n compliant HTML5/CSS3 Web 3.0 design and semantic front-end development guarantees high search visibility plus broad – and optionally multilingual – accessibility across all major desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet and Mobile Web browsers for both smartphones and the billions that aren’t.

If #RWD is the question, #WDR is the answer.


  • IF YOU HAVE A WEBSITE … that is out of date, out of style, out of compliance, out of the rankings, or not ready for what’s next, contact us today and schedule a free Web 3.0 consultation with Bruce Arnold.
  • IF YOU NEED A WEBSITE … be sure to speak with Bruce Arnold before you waste time and money on a “template site” that delivers only disappointment, or spend a fortune buying clicks you could get for free.

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